Top 3 Vineyards To Go To Before Summer Ends!

Labor Day is upon us, the unofficial end of summer.  (Siiiigh).  If you haven’t made it to the North Fork yet, don’t worry there is still time! With endless amount of vineyards to choose from,  you might get overwhelmed by the pressure on which you should go to. But, have no fear.  Here are my top 3 places that I consider a “don’t miss” if this is your only opportunity to get here before summer ends.


3. Pugliese Vineyards

If you like picnic’ing off the vine, then this place is perfect!  Pugliese is one of the only vineyards that allows outside food, so bring your picnic basket and blankets and spend the day in the this picture perfect scene.  Great place for everyone from families who want to bring children, to bachelorette parties.
Here’s a tip! The outdoor bar is for glasses and tastings only, but can cost upwards of $9 a glass.  A bottle of wine will run you about $11 so if your group can all agree on the same wine, head inside and buy the bottle.


pugliese wine

Photo Credit: @bridgetbenjamin


2. Kontakosta Winery

If you want to sip vino overlooking breathtaking views, head here, now! Kontakosta vineyard is set right on a cliff overlooking the water. In fact, it’s the only vineyard in the North Fork that is on a waterfront location. Which means you will definitely want to get here before the cool air creeps in. Everyone knows its always colder on the water, so don’t put this location off for the fall.

chair at konta

Photo Credit: @bridgetbenjamin

1. Martha Clara Vineyard

One of the funnest vineyards on the fork! Martha Clara is set up similar to Pugliese in that it has a designated area for picnic tables, the only differences is that it does not allow outside food. What it does have that the others do not, is corn hole and a petting zoo! I can’t think of anything better than drinking wine, petting goats, and playing games.  Hours upon hours of entertainment.


martha clara house

Photo Credit: @bridgetbenjamin

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