These NoFo Finds Will Blow You Away!

The North Fork has so much more to offer than just miles upon miles of vineyards! Here are just a few things on my list of the best things to find all around the NoFo. Tell them the NoFo Girl sent you. I promise you will thank me later!

Best Coffee Spot

I may not know much about cars or computers, but coffee… coffee I know! And if you can open up your mind to something other than Starbucks (I know it’s hard for us born and raised city folk), then the North Fork Roasting Co. is the place you want to go. Give me anything aged, weathered, and rusty and I am a happy girl. Well, this place embraces all of that by literally turning an old home into a coffee house. When you walk in the door you almost feel like you might be breaking and entering, but fear not, thats the whole idea.  The coffee counter is set up right in the living room, but furnished with everything you would find in a home from sofas to tables. Grab your coffee, order your breakfast (try the strawberry flapjacks!) and cozy up on the couch. After breakfast order up coffee #2 and head outside. The lawn is decorated with outdoor furniture undoubtedly collected from various yard sales. Put your feet up, relax, and don’t be surprised if the owners dog, Sinatra, comes by to say hello. He may even bring you a toy to play fetch. I mean, could this place be any cuter? Go and check it out for yourself, and make sure you look around. Celebrity sightings are known to happen at the NoFo RoCo.

noforoco tree


Best Ice Cream

I am about to change your life. If you like ice cream (and who doesn’t) then get prepared to have the best ice cream of all time at the Magic Fountain.  Their ice cream is all homemade and they have every flavor you can think of and even more that you probably wouldn’t.  Flavors like avocado, lavender, and coconut jalapeño.  (I haven’t been bold enough to actually try those yet, but perhaps I will for future posts!) I tend to stick to my faves like cannoli, birthday cake, and red velvet. (SO GOOD!)  I asked once what was one of the most popular flavors and they said cookie monster was a strong contender. (Imagine every kind of of cookie in an ice cream, and then turn the ice cream blue). If you don’t know where to find this place, just look for a long line of people waiting to get inside.  Line goes quick though so don’t let that deter you! Just go, eat, and enjoy!
magic fountain


Best Shopping

If you have been out East, ever, then you must know about Tanger Outlets in Riverhead. If you haven’t been out East, then you will want to head here, most likely immediately.  Tanger has hundreds of designer brand stores at discount prices.  Shops like Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, and Armani, all can be yours for more than half the price! They also have mainstream lines like H&M, Banana Republic, and Forever 21. There is literally something here for everyone, and if you like to shop, then this is the mother ship calling you home.

Here’s a tip! Some of the stores in Tanger are not “outlet” stores. They are just a store in the outlets.  Most people don’t know this and think they are getting discounted prices, when really they are paying full price.  If you are noticing that the prices don’t seem like a sale, be sure to ask an employee if they are an outlet store.






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