DIY The Cutest Coffee Bar You Ever Did See!

I love coffee SO much, I decided to make my own little coffee station as a focal point in my North Fork kitchen.  The idea came to mind when I realized I have so many coffee mugs that I’m obsessed with but never get to display.  With a little DIY, $40, and an afternoon, I was able to transform an old table into the cutest little coffee station I ever did see!

DIY Coffee bar

Here’s how to do it:

The table that I used is an old table that we had around the house, but if you don’t have one check out yard sales in your area. Look for high top tables or even old carts that can be used.  I’ve seen plenty go for as low as $3- $5 at a tag sale. Don’t worry about the condition of it, the older and more beat up the better! Just make sure it can stand firmly on the ground.

First, you want to sand down the entire table or cart. Then take a damp cloth to dust away the excess sawdust.

Next, you are ready to paint. A quart of white paint cost about $9. The trick here is just to put a little amount on the brush and make small strokes. This way there is only a thin layer that goes onto the table so once it dries, it immediately gives it that weathered look. I’ve seen diy’ers say you can use candle wax, and other colors to create the worn wood aesthetic, but honestly, who has time for that? This way was so easy, and you really can’t go wrong.

While this dried, I went shopping to find the accent pieces. Since I was making this a focal point I knew I wanted to get a monogrammed “G” to represent our last name. I found the perfect gold metal “G” from Michaels for $4.99.  And the mug shelving I found at Target for just under $20.

Once I got home the table was dry, so I started to assemble the area using the pieces that have been hidden in my cabinets.  I stuffed the shelf with our Newlywed Cookbook and some greenery, added my favorite mugs, and topped it off with a mason jar filled with paper straws.

before coffee bar


This was so much fun to do, and makes my morning coffee ritual even more enjoyable!

There are so many cute and simple ideas for coffee stations, here are a few more I love from the professionals!

Like this coffee station by Marissa Cramer. So simple yet makes a big statement.


Via @marissa_cramer

Who would have thought to use 3 tiered cake tray as  a mug stand? Brilliant!


Via @thesisterstudioig

Love the this coffee cup display, and the rustic country accents. Sweet touches.


Via @homeonfernhill




Enjoy your Sunday! But first, coffee and a donut! XO


Photo via @northern_daisy



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  • Carlye Husserl October 23, 2016 at 6:44 pm

    I love this!!!! I can’t believe the transformation and for only $40! I can’t wait to try the weathered wood approach, the complicated versions don’t even work as nice as you did it. Welllll donnnnne


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