3 Cool Ways To Spend Your Day!

Eat Pie For Breakfast… 

If you need a little motivation to drive out to Orient Point on a Sunday morning, I have found that motivation.  And it is pie! Four and Twenty Blackbirds is an adorable little shop that you may just miss if you aren’t paying attention.  Inside you will find a small pie bar consisting of about 6 flavors to choose from, a selection of which varies every day.  Today’s specials were Chocolate, Lemon, Blackberry, and Matcha.  Now, if you are wondering what Matcha is, you are not alone.  I was a little skeptical about the green colored pie, but they explained it was basically green tea.  After a few minutes of trying to make up my mind, I decided to give this one a try. (It was breakfast after all). Turns out, is was the best pie I have ever had.  See? It’s good to try new things! Now go eat pie for breakfast!

pie pics


four and twenty pie


Drink Moonshine for Lunch….

When it comes to cocktails, I usually am more of a wine or champagne kind of girl. But today, I drink whisky.

Right off of Sound Avenue in Riverhead is the Twin Stills Moonshine Tasting Room. This place will makes you feel like you stepped back in time to the wild west.  It’s a small “saloon” but they have outdoor seating and whisky barrel cocktail tables set up for those wanting to stand rather than sit. As far as the drink menu goes, this NoFo Girl was with her NoFo Guy and we both were blown away!  We tried two different kinds. The first was called “The Bootlegger,” which was Strawberry Moonshine, Apple Pie Moonshine, and 100 Proof Whisky Moonshine with a splash of Coke-Cola served over ice. A sip of this made my eyes bulge out of my head, and with 100 proof whisky is there any wonder why? Even though I am not necessarily a fan of hard liquor, it still was rather good.  The other kind we tried, was much more my style.  ‘The Southern Sunrise,” was a lemonade mixed in with Strawberry Moonshine over ice, this one only 60 proof.  It was very refreshing and surprisingly not strong at all.   In fact, I’d say this should come with a warning because it went down little too easy.  Cute atmosphere, cool drinks, and they even had live music.  Fun place to go if you are looking for something different to do.

moonshine sign


…And Honor the Honor System 

One of the most charming things about the North Fork are finding the things you know you wouldn’t find anywhere else. One of those things are the little pop up farm stands that sell their items based on the honor system.  Every now and then, instead of going to the supermarket or farmers market, stop by and shop your produce here.  It’s such a small thing, but just for a moment you will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that places still exist where this can happen.  Only in the North Fork!


honor system






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