All Day Rosé

While we cling to what is left of the summer, we might as well cling with our favorite summer drink in hand!  If you are rosé obsessed, then this one is for you. Here are all the ways you can get your rosé fix on or off the fork!


Croteaux Vineyards

13872761_10101191628808475_8156105415185665560_nIf you are in the North Fork, there is one single most popular place to get your rosé, and that is Croteuax Vineyard.  It is the only vineyard in the country that produces nothing but rosé. Seriously. It is like you have died and gone to rosé heaven.  Their season ends soon however, so if you don’t get there now you will have to wait til next year!











Rosé Gummy Bears

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.01.27 PM

Probably my favorite thing I found this week!

This simple recipe lets you have your rosé and eat your candy too! Such a sweet way to kiss the summer goodbye.

DIY Here via Sprinkle Bakes









Frosé (Frozen Rosé)


If you haven’t heard about frosé this season, then now is your time to get with the trends!  Cool down these last days of summer with this frosé, and you will be one happy NoFo girl!

Frosé Recipe  (via) Basil and Bubbly



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